Playing With Statistics at the Sports Book

Betting at sports books is a fun activity as long as you plan a budget, and realize that no matter what system you come up with it is not ever fool proof. Teams that normally play good can play bad, and key players can get hurt thus effecting the outcome of the game.

In all the main sports the team has an average number of points they score on offense and defense. The total number of points a team has scored will often times indicate teams with good offenses. If you add up the total points a team has scored then divide that number of points by the total number of games they have played and we will have a number that could indicate how many points that team will score. However there are many variables to consider which may effect the outcome.

One always needs to consider the teams that the others have been playing. In college football for example it’s not rare for a team which is rated very high to play teams which are rated very low. At the beginning of the season teams may decide to play weaker opponents to get their talent ready for harder teams gradually. There often are conferences which are not as good. One strategy that can be used is to not average in games where a top ten team is playing an inferior opponent.

It is always critical to figure out the defensive points as well as the offensive points when considering why one team may be favored. A team may have a great offense, but a weak defense in which they will give up a bunch of points. Powerful defenses can win champions with mediocre offenses.

When you start to average points, and decide which teams look like sure things and which are underdogs consider too that there are points applied to each game. A championship team like Oklahoma (which plays in a stronger conference and went 12-2) happens to be playing an underdog like Utah State (which played in a weaker conference and went 4-8) then they will probably be favored by 40 or more points. However you never know what may happen, last year the score was Oklahoma 31 Utah State 24 so you would have won if you bet on Utah State.

A big consideration is to decide if you want to bet on individual games or select a parlay. In a parlay you will attempt to get several games correct on one wager. The more teams you pick the higher the odds thus if you get all your games right you will make a considerable amount of money for a small investment. For example a $15 fifteen team bet it could pay more then an average person makes in a year, but if you lose only one game you lose. If you bet individually on all 15 teams it would be a larger investment ($75) but if you get most of your games right you will make money.

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